What is King's Dharma?

King’s Dharma is a multimedia production intertwining film and stage. Inspired by Valmiki’s The Ramayana, King’s Dharma explores loss and love; self-acceptance and forgiveness; destiny and fate. By exploring a journey of self-acceptance, King’s Dharma focuses on bringing some of the core themes of The Ramayana to a 21st century audience through both execution and narrative. From 3D printing to live storytelling, King’s Dharma is designed to use both traditional theatre and digital art to express the narrative in the most economical and immersive way possible.

Meet the Creators

A highly motivated group, focusing on the interdisciplinary practice of art and technology.

Ben Kahan, Co-Producer

Story Development Team, Director of p.17 Production's Research and Development. Read more →

Zeezee Canning, Co-Producer

Story Development Team, Creative Director. Read more →

Harry Klein, Software Developer

Programmer and Software Development Lead. Read more →