General Updates

AISNE MS Diversity Conference – Using Your Voice

Zeezee and I attended the AISNE Middle School Diversity Conference at Dedham Country Day School at November 10th, 2018. 

We were invited as keynote speakers where we talked about King’s Dharma and how we are using our voice to talk about identity and how King’s Dharma as our medium for voice. 

We had a great time and got to speak along side Shantae J. Edwards, a marvelous speaker! We were overjoyed to talk with her after the conference and she inspired us to continue to push to work at a more professional level. 

Our presentation can be viewed here:

Thank you AISNE for the opportunity to speak! We look forward to working with you in the future! 

Ben and Zeezee

General Updates

New Site, New Tech… New King’s Dharma?

New for 2018:

So let's be real: there's a lot going on. With Zeezee and Ben both leaving for college, (NYU and The University of Rochester, respectively), there's unfortunately been a pause in the development on the show. However, that does not mean that neither of us constantly think of the show!

Website Update:

As you may be able to see, the website has changed drastically. We have moved from Squarespace to WordPress since it is cheaper to host and offers more room for growth if we ever need it. Plus it's cheaper and we're poor college students now. By a "new King's Dharma" this is what we meant. It's just a facelift, nothing more. Some may call it clickbait.

Raspberry pi to what now?

Other things have changed too. There's been a recent development on SoC mini computers and we have been able to locate one which is around the same size as a raspberry pi. This means that we will be able to run our in house developed program on the actor themselves without having to run wires all over the place and mess around with Bluetooth technology. This benefits us greatly and we are working on it! Ben has already developed a case for the components as well as working on the reprogramming and redevelopment of our software for the new SoC.

AISNE MS Diversity Conference:

Oh yes. Zeezee, through his connection from his alma mater, was able to get us a spot as keynote speakers for the AISNE MS Diversity Conference at Dedham Country Day school in Dedham, MA. This November 10th, Ben and Zeezee will make the long trip from New York back home to present King's Dharma as an exploration of identity and voice. This is the beginning of what they hope to be a future of presentations on the show and the technology that they will be using for it.


Due to the potential impact of the conference, the E-Board team is looking to self publish the script as a way to introduce it to the greater educational and theatrical world. If successful, Ben and Zeezee will have this under the donations page on the website.

And that's about it. There's not a lot that has been going on but it sure feels like it. Currently, Ben and Zeezee are prepping for the conference and there are many things have happened because of that. Basically, they got moving again because of the conference. A win win right?

We will continue to update the blog regularly now! You should hear from Ben and Zeezee at least twice a week from now on.